About US

 FORCUS Telecom is a high-tech company with rich experience and expertise in developing and manufacturing high quality passive components. Over the last decade we have been serving our global customers with our high quality products and solutions. We offer a broad range of products including hybrid, splitter, coupler, filter, attenuator, terminator, isolator. The frequency of our product offering is from DC-80GHz. Applications includes base station, repeater, DAS system, satellite, radar, TV and Radio etc. 

We have very innovative and unique technologies and cutting-edge processes to accomplish the best PIM performance of passive products. We provide 100% warranty of ≤-163dBc PIM level for most of our products with 7/16 Din, 4.3-10 and even N connector interface. We have more than 10 patents on the low PIM technologies. 

Forcus is certified according to ISO9001 and ISO14000. Our facility is well equipped with Rosenberger PIM testers, Agilent network analyzers and test lab for reliability and environmental testing. 

Quality is always out top priority. We have been using automated test system and barcode management system for 100% traceability of all products. We can supply the test data along with the products against the request from our customers.